How Do Solar Panels Affect Your Roof?

Whether you are buying existing property or thinking about solar install on your current home, have you ever considered how solar panels affect your roof? At Marcor Construction we understand the benefits and downfalls of solar for your home. Solar panels can in fact help protect your roof. The solar panels protect the UV rays of the sun from breaking down the shingle and preventing them from drying out from not facing the direct sunlight. The air flow between the panels and the roof also allow for air flow between the system and your roof, cooling the roof down considerably.

The issue with roofing and solar panels really comes down to the installation. Be sure to hire a professional solar installations company and understand how their bracketing techniques affect your roofing installation and warranties.

Solar should never be installed on an older roof that doesn’t have much life left in it or if the roof was installed against your local code. The benefits of solar on a solid roof could be fantastic, however, not all installers of solar have a lot of roofing knowledge which is what leads to issues when installing solar on a roof. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about the installation methods. In most cases, solar will not negatively affect your roof.