Rewards Program

Marcor is all about giving back to those who have helped us grow. We truly appreciate our five star reviews, kind words and word of mouth referrals, so we created a program to give back. Marcor’s rewards program is a great way to be earn back for recommending our business.


ELIGIBILITY: We want to reward you for recommending our business. The rewards program is open to all past clients and affiliates of Marcor Construction, Marcor Solar, Roofs for Solar, Solar Home Inspectors, and MGM Construction Services. Referrers must be 18 years or older.

REFFERAL FEE PAYMENTS:  Should you elect to participate in the Marcor Rewards Program and refer a new customer to us and they move forward with the project, the reward for an exterior home improvement project of $5,000 or more is a $250 gift card sent to you within thirty days of completion of that project.

Reward for referring a new customer to us who goes solar and moves forward with the project is $750. The referring party shall receive a check from Marcor for $750 within thirty days of completion of that project.

REFERRAL LIMITS: The referral fee will never exceed $750 per solar installation, regardless of the number of referrals made by the same person.  The referral fee for exterior home remodel projects will never exceed $250 per project, regardless of the number of referrals made by the same person

REFERRAL TRACKING: To be eligible for the referral fee, the referrer must provide the full name and contact information of the homeowner being referred by emailing REFERRALS@MARCORINSTALLS.COM  This information will be used to track the referral.

PAYMENT PROCESS: Referral fees will be processed within 30 days of the referred homeowner’s solar installation completion or home improvement project. Payments will be made via gift card for exterior home remodeling projects and company check for solar installations.

Fraud Prevention: Marcor Solar and Marcor Construction reserve the right to investigate and withhold referral fees in cases of suspected fraud or abuse.

TERMINATION: Marcor Solar may terminate or modify the referral program at any time.