Gina Farese of Marcor Construction to be Nassau County Consumer Affairs’ new Chair of the Nassau County Home Industry Board.

LIBI is pleased to announce the appointment of Gina Farese of Marcor Construction to be Nassau County Consumer Affairs’ new Chair of the Nassau County Home Industry Board.

The purpose of the board is to safeguard and protect homeowners against abuses on the part of home improvement contractors by regulating the home improvement, remodeling and repair business and by licensing persons engaged in such business.

Gina’s first order of business is to work with the board on structuring a tiered licensing program for Nass au County Consumer Affairs to ensure license holders in the future and upon renewals are aligned properly with the trade they are working in with the appropriate insurance for that particular trade. This will protect homeowners hiring licensed individuals by allowing for transparency of what trades they claim they can do and align it with the insurances required by the state so that a homeowner cannot be affected by the New York Labor Laws.

Although the New York Labor Law states that a single or two family homeowner is not subject to labor law, there is case law in New York that shows otherwise. Homeowners are still being brought into suits and are being required to defend themselves due to job site related injuries of workers on their property with inadequate insurance. The lack of transparency if a contractor is carrying the necessary insurance that a certificate of insurance does not clearly show is not properly protecting the New York and especially, Long Island homeowner. Also, the current licensing structure is one uniform license, while specific trades require different levels of insurance. A tiered licensing system would ensure protecting both homeowners and property owners that want to manage their own projects and direct their own work where they ARE directly affected by the scaffold law.

The Nassau County Home Industry Board is always willing to bring on any additional members and support. If anyone is interested in joining this Board within Nassau County, please contact We would love to have your input and support.

Remodeling on Long Island: Tough housing market leads homeowners to stay put and expand

Gina Farese, CEO of Marcor Construction was highlighted in Newsday to discuss today’s housing market.

“Long Island homeowners looking for more space are facing a dilemma.  The usual route — sell and trade up — is unattractive for many because prices are near record highs, the supply of homes on the market is severely limited, and they don’t want to give up a rock-bottom mortgage rate for a new, more expensive loan in today’s higher-rate climate.”

“The catch? Home improvement costs have jumped, too.”

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Gina Farese Wins Associate of The Year Award

CEO and president of Marcor Construction, Gina Farese has been awarded Associate of the Year by Long Island Builders Institute. Gina is an active member LIBI and has worked hard throughout this year to advance the association, increase memberships and raise recognition to the construction industry.

Since 1941, Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI) has been the voice of the building industry on Long Island. They are a not-for-profit trade association representing all facets of the building industry, including builders, remodelers, developers, suppliers, tradespeople, and professionals.

They advocate for policies that will stimulate the economy while protecting communities. LIBI believes in smart growth and they work to ensure that all new development is compatible with existing communities and does not put undue strain on infrastructure. LIBI is Long Island’s advocate in responsible building.

Picture: Gary Marzano accepts Award on Behalf of Gina Farese

Long Island Extraordinary Women in Business

AS SEEN IN Forbes, Fortune & Entrepreneur

Community-Centered Construction

Driving development in both the Long Island construction and nonprofit sectors, Gina Farese never backs down when fighting for what’s right.

The roof is the most important part of the home; it protects everything inside” says Gina Farese, Public Insurance Adjuster, owner, and Operations Manager at Marcor Construction, a Long-Island based roofing and exterior home remodeling company. “When my team and I take on a project, we dot our i’s and cross our t’s to make sure that both employees and homeowners have the best possible experience.”

A mother of two and frontrunner in her field, she knows what it takes to excel in a male-dominated industry. Working alongside her competitors rather than against them, she often acts as a subject matter expert for her peers in complicated construction-related insurance procedures and embraces a flexible philosophy that allows her to pivot with the times. When her father, Gary Marzano, founded Marcor Construction in 2008 to assist homeowners, developers, and builders with roofing, siding, and window services, Farese left a career in finance and jumped headfirst into the industry, learning that she excelled in fostering growth opportunities. Today, she incorporates meaningful diversification with separate, yet beneficial, supportive services—such as a supply division with MGM Construction Services that fuels the stock, purchasing, and delivery of materials for third-party projects.

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LIBN: Top 50 Women in Business Awards

Gina Farese graduated high school at the age of 16 and received her Bachelor of Science in finance at the age of 19. She began her career on Wall Street in investment banking, where she quickly realized it was not for her. Instead, she decided to team up with her father to help him build his small, local construction company. Farese’s father instilled in her the old school Italian mindset by having her learn the business from the bottom up and earn her keep. While it was not easy, especially as a woman in a man’s world, Farese continued to grow and develop, and is now running the entire company. Blood, sweat and tears went into the beginning of what Farese didn’t realize would be her new career. She got up every day with the right mindset and built the business into a successful, multi-di-vision operation. 

Farese quickly developed an understanding of the overall construction operation and mastered the exterior remodeling side of the field, but she still wasn’t satisfied. In 2011, she received her public adjusters license to assist homeowners with insurance claims as there was a lot of synergy between the homeowner’s insurance world and construction. Today, many attorneys, other public adjusters and insurance brokers rely on her expertise in the roofing and insurance world to assist them in their own day-to-day claims. 

Around 2012, Farese noticed a gap in the roofing and solar industry. Solar was starting to be installed on roofs, but the roofs were not prepared for the longevity of solar. She immersed herself into the solar industry, aligning her company with solar companies to assist with their roofing needs. 

In July of 2020, Farese opened a solar service division of Marcor to support national companies that mistakenly installed solar on poor roofs and now have to address the issues they accidentally caused to the roof years later. In 2022, she launched Roofs for Solar, a national company supported by Owens Corning to set up and manage roofing divisions for regional solar companies.

Finally, she set up MGM as a NYS WBE certified estimating and supply division to support local Long Island builders requiring a NYS WBE certification. Farese is a two-time Top 50 Women in Business Recipient and a 2022 Herald Family Business Award recipient. She regularly donates her time to the betterment of the community, and is also co-chair of Long Island Builders Institute’s Women’s Committee.

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How Do Solar Panels Affect Your Roof?

Whether you are buying existing property or thinking about solar install on your current home, have you ever considered how solar panels affect your roof? At Marcor Construction we understand the benefits and downfalls of solar for your home. Solar panels can in fact help protect your roof. The solar panels protect the UV rays of the sun from breaking down the shingle and preventing them from drying out from not facing the direct sunlight. The air flow between the panels and the roof also allow for air flow between the system and your roof, cooling the roof down considerably.

The issue with roofing and solar panels really comes down to the installation. Be sure to hire a professional solar installations company and understand how their bracketing techniques affect your roofing installation and warranties.

Solar should never be installed on an older roof that doesn’t have much life left in it or if the roof was installed against your local code. The benefits of solar on a solid roof could be fantastic, however, not all installers of solar have a lot of roofing knowledge which is what leads to issues when installing solar on a roof. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about the installation methods. In most cases, solar will not negatively affect your roof.